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., in the small province of Lu; his name was Kong; but his disciples and admirers called him Kong-fu-tzi, which means teacher of teachers, from whose name, Latinized by the Jesuit missionaries, comes Confucius.

Confucius never gave himself the tone of a wise man or a great philosopher; he was content to preach his doctrine, without campaigning with a living soul. He taught men how they should live, and left the care of dying to each one, as a very private business.

In his works he does not speak of God; but as for man, he believed him capable of reaching the highest degree of moral and intellectual perfection.

They say that he was very busy commemorating the dead, and that his precepts are followed to this day.

Confucius carried out with remarkable integrity and intelligence, public offices; He was a very wise legislator and is remembered as an introducer of extremely useful reforms. He died at the age of 70, 479 years before J. C …. vd. forgive me, you can do this. see in any catechism of biography.

“Go on, I said to my guide;” I am very interested in that and I am ashamed of my ignorance …. you can see, the common people are very stupid; I have a very dear friend to whom satires and ridicule have served in my country, his indisputable instruction in these matters: Mr. Caravantes, to whom I hold a very privileged place in my esteem.

—The doctrine of Confucius is very worth studying, and those who extol the positivist school should not attribute to Comte and others, merits that do not belong to them.

Lao-Tsze, founder of the Thaonist school of mystical reason, flourished 604 years before J.C .: he was contemporary

With the Taonist doctrine, a multitude of frauds alchemists and diviners speculated: they attributed fabulous longevity to him, and at last his followers faked an ascent to heaven, the apostle mounted on a buffalo.

-Superb! I said: that trip in buffalo pleases me. And doesn’t your religious repertoire say more?

—My meager repertoire ends with Budda the inspired; the beliefs of the Indostan of which Jacoliot speaks so eloquently, that I know it is to you. known: the curious thing about this dogma is the reference to the immigration; there are many heavens for these Chinese believers, and a whopping 136 hells …

In San Francisco there are six great temples of the different sects of which we have given an idea.

The entrance to the temple is a dark and narrow galley; away in distance there are on a kind of altars, rough niches and in them some idols, which really lack respect to people, of pure ugliness.

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